. . . But Look Who Checked Out . . .

When I titled my last post somewhat randomly, I had no idea that it would have led so well into the very appropriate and not-so-random title of today’s post some 13 days later.

Oh Tell Me Good Cap-Tane

The first news of the death of Captain Beefheart reached me yesterday on my facebook news feed via my friend Mark from Syracuse. The news prompted me to spend some time on YouTube looking for some more videos. I had already added I’m Gonna Booglarize You Baby and Upon The My Oh My as favorites on my YouTube channel. I have since added the haunting Further Than We’ve Gone and the J.J.Cale tune Same Old Blues.

Rest In Peace good Captain.

Wished I’d-A

And that bit of news reminds me that I had always planned on having a Share The Stage sequence covering artists who are deceased – sort of a Wish I Could Have Shared The Stage With. I guess now is the time to embark on that. Captain Beefheart will be the first entry.

Who else? Let’s see. I would pick

  • Jimi Hendrix – need I say more?
  • Janice Joplin – she could really belt out the blues
  • Jerry Garcia – almost met him (I think)
  • Link Wray – inventor of the power chord – met his band once
  • Bob Bogle – yes, of Ventures fame
  • Duane Allman – saw him with Derek And The Dominoes
  • Stevie Ray Vaughn – whew!
  • John Lennon – just imagine
  • George Harrison – played some great licks
  • Mike Bloomfield – a great bluesman
  • Roy Orbison – the Voice of all time
  • Ricky Nelson – he was so cool as a teen
  • Bobby Hatfield – a Righteous Brother

I’m gonna let that end the list for now. I’ll probably do another set at a later time.


Played the last two Sundays at church. I have this week and next week off, then it’s every other Sunday in January, starting with the first one. I love these opportunities. Last week I got to play with one of our other lead guitarists and had a great time doing that.


Still no gigs in sight for Cold Biscuit Band until next month at the Barbecue In Blue Jeans event.

We did have an informal practice with a few of us the other day and it was good to do that again.

All In All

That’s it for now. More later.


You Can Only Check In

. . . to the Roach Hotel and the Hotel California . . .

Time to put some ketchup on.

Dragon Wheel

OK, I confess. I’m a fan of The Wheel Of Time. I actually got into it when I picked up the prequel New Spring as a bargain book and really enjoyed it. Next I found the first book in the series, The Eye Of The World, in the free Burger King book exchange. After that I read the rest of the series in order, buying most copies second-hand.

I started poking around the web when I was having trouble finding book 12, only to find out about the untimely demise of Robert Jordan (James Oliver Rigney, Jr.). So I have been watching the shelves, waiting for the next book as done by Brandon Sanderson to come out in paperback. When I did find it I was briefly disappointed, because it was published in the (fairly) new, taller, more expensive paperback format, which I had long ago decided I was going to avoid (unless found used).

So I watched the copies slowly disappear from the shelf until I decided I would rather not wait until I could find the book used. This is the first purchase I made in the large paperback format.

And I’m glad I did. I thoroughly enjoyed the book.

When I mentioned I was a fan I should have also mentioned that I’m not a fanatic. So don’t expect me to do some big thesis on the book and critically analyze how well Mr. Sanderson stayed true to Mr. Jordan’s vision. Suffice it to say that it was a pleasure to see how goes the battle, to join Rand and friends on their continuing journey to the end of all things (at least until the next time).

Looking To The Morning

Tomorrow I get to play my guitar at church again. We had a really good practice Thursday and I’m excited about services tomorrow. Actually, looking at the clock, I guess I should say later today.


I recently purchased the 2010 Crossroads 2-DVD set and watched it a week or so back. Another thoroughly enjoyable experience. And a good opening to sneak in another session of Share The Stage.

There are several artists on this set who I would love to Share The Stage with. I’m not going to say a whole lot about each one, but here’s my list:

  • Eric Clapton – ’nuff said
  • Sonny Landreth – I’ve heard his name but never heard him play until this – he is currently my favorite slide player
  • Robert Randolph – first saw him on TV doing some Hendrix stuff – on pedal steel
  • Joe Bonamassa – Joe is from a town a little east of my home town in Central New York, and he was the headliner for the Guitar Center King Of The Blues final in 2009
  • Hubert Sumlin – a name I had heard, but had not seen him or heard him play until watching some King Of The Blues contest videos
  • Doyle Bramhall II – interesting style
  • Derek Trucks – I’ve been enjoying his playing for a few years now – he’s probably my current second favorite slide player, and he was the headliner for the Guitar Center King Of The Blues final in 2010
  • Susan Tedeschi – have heard the name, finally heard her play
  • James Burton – loved his playing since the Ricky Nelson days – he’s still got the touch
  • Albert Lee – classic
  • John Mayer – that young lad play some blues
  • Warren Haynes – love hearing him play Soulshine
  • the Los Lobos boys – always some interesting playing with them
  • Jeff Beck – one of the most original players on the planet
  • Steve Winwood – excellent keys and guitar
  • B.B. King – what more can you say?

Yes, you’re right, I didn’t list everyone in the show. Nothing against the other headliners, but I am drawn in particular to the ones I listed.

All In All

That’s it for now. More later.


Sorry about that! I couldn’t think of a good title for this post and I really didn’t want to put it off until a title came to me. At least be thankful I won’t pull this little trick again.

Although I may just pull a new little trick just like it some other time.

More Nameless

So let’s just slather the shellac on the shingle.

Biscuits On The Q.T.

Man! The last gig the Cold Biscuit Band played was October 30th, and we don’t have anything booked (AFAIK) until sometime in January. Guess I’ll be pretty well rested up by then.

Back in the day in Syracuse the local morning newspaper ran a comic strip with no name. It was an odd little strip, offbeat. Anyway, I still remember opening the paper one morning and reading this comic. The first frame showed a fish who was lamenting the sad state of his stream. As the frames progressed he was talking about things like fishermen muddying up his stream. In the last frame he’s holding a banjo and says “Thank goodness for my banjo!”

I don’t know for sure why I brought that up, other than to remind myself that there’s always something to be thankful for.

Meanwhile Around The Corner In James City

Got to play at church again yesterday. Thank goodness for my banjo – er – guitar!

Meanwhile Back At The Ranch

So I finished updating my main site. I’m quite proud of the banner image – a fine collage if I do say so myself.

And I started touching up my techno site. If you compare the two side by side you’ll see some obvious similarities. I’m thinking about how to spiff up the banner image on that site.

Although this isn’t the proper place for it, I think I’ll mention that I’m a step closer to preparing my entry for the Roland Guitar Synth Challenge. I now have one of those silly Cyclopean thingies peering at me from the top of my monitor.

I’ve discovered or been discovered by a few more old Syracuse area friends on facebook recently. Hopefully I’ll be doing an STS post soon and listing some of these good people.

And Speaking Of “Share The Stage”

The thought occurred to me the other day that there’s a side to my STS posts that I haven’t yet touched on. Let me remedy that right now.

Since the whole STS thing is me lifting up my ego and listing famous and not-so-famous musical artists who I feel should Share The Stage with me by inviting me to have a guest spot in one of their concerts, I don’t want to leave you with the impression that I haven’t already shared the stage with some fine musicians.

It’s always taking a chance when you mention some people that you will forget to mention others. So we usually don’t take the chance. However, since I have now (thanks to Jim’s friend Duffy) been diagnosed with CRS (Can’t Remember Stuff) I can list who I remember and blame any I forget to mention on my CRS (a condition which I just barely remember having).

So here in New Bern let me give mention to a number of people I have been blessed to make music with over the last dozen or so years. I list them here in alphabetical order (by last name). Bobby Acker. Dennis Albertson. Jennifer Alcock. Fred Bisel. Cheryl Bowen. Chad Brewer. James Brothers. Caleb Brumbaugh. Jared Brumbaugh. Mike Brumbaugh. Dave Cooley. Jake Corley. Jim Durham. Barry English. Bernie Farkus. Dickie Fraser. Mitch Galloway. Brian Geer. Jim Grant. Joe Haynes. Jessica Hopkins. Doc Horner. Herb Humphreys. Marty James. Pete Jenkins. Jon Johndrow. Carson Koonce. Clay Lassiter. Bob Lohr. Tony T-Bone Martin. Bill McKinney. Jimmy Merritt. Mark Millard. Andrew Miller. Ricky Nipper. Rhonda Nobles. Dana Outlaw. John JP Parker. Jesse Rains. Dail Reed. Chuck Reynolds. Danny Rogers. Ray Rouse. Julie Schilens. Jeff Severt. Chris Stilley. John Stilley. Carolyn Smith. Mike Thorsby. Sara Thorsby. Andrew Webb. Wendie Webb. Kevin Webber. Rhoda Webber. Ervin Whitehurst. Joy Whitehurst. Donica Wright.

Those of you who should be on this list but aren’t – please have mercy. CRS, you know. [And if anyone sends me names I’ll add them in.]

And I’d like to thank Planning Center Online for helping me to list pretty much everyone I’ve played with at New Song since we came back.

I’ll list some Central New York people another time.

All In All

That’s it for now. More later.

SyntheSizing Spiders

It’s been a long year this week!


I finally got around to revamping the SyntheSpider website. As mentioned in an earlier post, I set up the SyntheSpider Stuff blog to document my progress in the Roland Guitar Synth Challenge. That blog is an offshoot of the SyntheSpider site, and the site was in sore need of a facelift and update. I also took the opportunity to begin moving the gear pages I used to have on the SoaringSpider site over to SyntheSpider. I’ve been a busy little spider bee.

In His Service

The Lord was gracious. He allowed me to play at church this morning. With all that’s been going on recently (a lot of which I don’t share with the public) I really needed that this morning. There is something about playing in a worship service that you don’t get playing at an event like last week’s chili festival.

Sally From Syracuse

Back in 1998 we sallied forth from Syracuse (and you probably thought I was going to talk about the famous song by Stu Nunnery!) and ended up here in New Bern. As much as I don’t miss dealing with the bitter cold and the snow and especially the slushy mush that’s in the streets and driveways and parking lots so often during the winter, I truly do miss old friends.

So in my copious spare time the last week or so I’ve been tracking some of those folks down on facebook. It’s been a lot of fun. And I see I’m not the only one who’s been through a lot of stuff through the years.

I mentioned earlier that my Share The Stage series may have some of the Syracuse folks in it. I’ve been keeping a list and have several names from Central New York to add in.

And speaking of STS, it’s become obvious to me that I won’t be able to devote a separate post to each artist. I’ll be doing them in batches of from 1 (which I guess ain’t really a batch) to some number larger than that (sorry if I’m not being vague enough).

All In All

That’s it for now. More later.

A Funny Guy

OK. My first Share The Stage nominee (mentioning Esteban in the first post in this series doesn’t count – nor, in fact, does mentioning him in this post) is actor, comedian, musician Hugh Laurie.

Is There A Doctor In The House?

I’ve enjoyed watching Mr. Laurie as an actor and occasional musical attraction on the TV show House, where he ably plays the lead role, Dr. Gregory House. I became more intrigued when I did a little online research for a disease that was mentioned several times during a Christmas season marathon, and discovered that Laurie is British. Or as we would say in New Bern, “He’s not from around here, is he?”

Stu’s Dad

And it was recently pointed out to me that the man played the father in the Stuart Little movies.

N’awlins Blues

But what finally prompted me to consider him as a Share The Stage kind of guy was the blurb I saw recently in Pro Sound News that mentioned he was in the studio working on a CD of New Orleans blues. That is just too cool! I don’t buy new CDs often but this one is going to be on my short list.

New Orleans has popped up on the horizon of my life a few times in the last couple of years, beyond the obvious Katrina reference.

A number of months ago, as I was prepping for my run at the 2009 Guitar Center King Of The Blues title, I got an email from an old friend and co-band member, Paul Sammarco. Paul and I were in a band called Captain Nathan back in the early ’70s, playing a number of gigs in the Syracuse area. Paul now has a record company in Houma, LA called P & J Records. Check out his website and buy some CDs. Mention my name when you do. I’m trying, Paul.

And earlier this year we started attending New Song Church, a church we had been a part of when it first started and then had left for a long season. Coincidentally, the first week we attended was also the first week for the new pastor, Danny Rogers. Danny and his family moved to New Bern a few years ago from the New Orleans area.

But I Digress . . .


This Could Be Fun


So, Mr. Laurie, you are the official first entrant in the 2010 Share The Stage program.

Mind you, I don’t have all that many gigs, so you’ll need to line one up and then let me Share The Stage with you. One song, a dozen, it’s your choice. You’re in charge. You da man!

I spent some time last night on YouTube searching for musical performances of yours, and found a lot of really funny stuff. I was not aware of your comedic enterprise, not spending much time these days watching late night TV. Too Long Johnny is priceless!

If you’ve found this post you can certainly look around and see a little of what I can do on guitar. I’d enjoy it. How about you?

All In All

That’s it for now. More later.

Share The Stage

There are a number of artists I would love to share the stage with. I once wrote a series of blog posts on this idea. I’ve decided to pull it out of the closet, dust it off, and put a new pair of jeans on it.

Once Upon A Time

I used to have a free membership in OnlineRock. At one point they offered a free blog to members and I took the opportunity to enter the blogosphere. A promotional was mentioned that I promptly forgot about. They were going to monitor the blogs for a while and decide who was making the best and/or maybe most interesting use of the thing.

As I say, I promptly forgot about the promotional. That is, until I was notified that I won. The prize was pretty neat for the time – a 2G iPod. I still have it.

So what did I do to win this prize? What was the ongoing theme of my blog? I developed a list of 11 artists who I thought should invite me to appear as a guest at one of their concerts. I will probably not mention all 11 artists today, but I probably will eventually reveal them all.

When OnlineRock eventually did away with the free blogs, they let us all know and advised us we should archive our posts elsewhere if we wanted to save them. So I did that with mine.

A year and a hard drive crash later I can’t find them any more. Such is life.

So Now What?

As I mentioned above I’m pulling this dust bunny out from under the bed and giving it a makeover.

Over the next period of time I’ll be posting now and then about an artist I would like to share the stage with. I expect I’ll hit on all 11 from that original list, and I’m sure, Lord willing, that I’ll have a number of new names. Some of these names will be familiar to you. Some won’t. I expect I’ll probably mention some people from back in Central New York along with folks from around the country and around the world. Some of them may surprise you. Like, for example, Esteban. He was actually the seed that germinated into the entire concept. One commenter asked, “Would you play the guitar?” (referring to the Esteban models). I replied that I would play the guitar and I would wear the hat!

Format? What’s That?

I developed a pretty consistent format on the old OnlineRock blog when doing these posts. I see no reason to treat the subject so formally these days. Some posts may just have a title and a name. Some may be short stories. Hopefully none will turn into novels.

I had fun with the idea back then and I’m a-gonna have some more fun now.

All In All

That’s it for now. More later.