Share The Stage

There are a number of artists I would love to share the stage with. I once wrote a series of blog posts on this idea. I’ve decided to pull it out of the closet, dust it off, and put a new pair of jeans on it.

Once Upon A Time

I used to have a free membership in OnlineRock. At one point they offered a free blog to members and I took the opportunity to enter the blogosphere. A promotional was mentioned that I promptly forgot about. They were going to monitor the blogs for a while and decide who was making the best and/or maybe most interesting use of the thing.

As I say, I promptly forgot about the promotional. That is, until I was notified that I won. The prize was pretty neat for the time – a 2G iPod. I still have it.

So what did I do to win this prize? What was the ongoing theme of my blog? I developed a list of 11 artists who I thought should invite me to appear as a guest at one of their concerts. I will probably not mention all 11 artists today, but I probably will eventually reveal them all.

When OnlineRock eventually did away with the free blogs, they let us all know and advised us we should archive our posts elsewhere if we wanted to save them. So I did that with mine.

A year and a hard drive crash later I can’t find them any more. Such is life.

So Now What?

As I mentioned above I’m pulling this dust bunny out from under the bed and giving it a makeover.

Over the next period of time I’ll be posting now and then about an artist I would like to share the stage with. I expect I’ll hit on all 11 from that original list, and I’m sure, Lord willing, that I’ll have a number of new names. Some of these names will be familiar to you. Some won’t. I expect I’ll probably mention some people from back in Central New York along with folks from around the country and around the world. Some of them may surprise you. Like, for example, Esteban. He was actually the seed that germinated into the entire concept. One commenter asked, “Would you play the guitar?” (referring to the Esteban models). I replied that I would play the guitar and I would wear the hat!

Format? What’s That?

I developed a pretty consistent format on the old OnlineRock blog when doing these posts. I see no reason to treat the subject so formally these days. Some posts may just have a title and a name. Some may be short stories. Hopefully none will turn into novels.

I had fun with the idea back then and I’m a-gonna have some more fun now.

All In All

That’s it for now. More later.


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